Custom Fabricated Orthoses for Adults

Custom Fabricated Orthoses for Adults

ViaFit specializes in creating, designing and fitting the best orthosis for every patient, whether for an injury or a long-term condition. Our experienced staff works with our patients throughout their recovery or pain management to help them regain their lifestyle and independence.

We stay on the forefront of new technologies to ensure our patients benefit from the latest functional, comfort and aesthetic advancements. Every ViaFit patient receives individualized care. Our staff listens carefully to patient concerns and preferences to build a device that can help them return to their lives. We pride ourselves on the intricate care we put into every custom orthotic device we fabricate and fit. ViaFit is able to provide many types, designs, styles, and models of Orthopedic appliances available today.

ViaFit’s selection of quality orthoses addresses a wide spectrum of medical issues:

     Spinal Orthoses

  • Sacral
  • Lumbo-sacral (LSO)
  • Thoraco-lumbo-sacral (TLSO)
  • Cervico-thoracic orthoses (CTLSO)
  • HALO application and care

     Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)

  • With or without ankle joints
  • Full or partial foot plates
  • Designs and materials from carbon fiber to conventional metal and leather
  • Knee ankle foot orthoses (KAFO)
  • Hip knee ankle foot orthoses (HKAFO)
  • Reciprocal Gait Orthoses Contracture Management

      Contracture Management

  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Ankle