Hospitals & Physicians in Dallas & Houston

Our mission is to provide life-long orthotic and prosthetic care for our patients through ongoing partnerships within the healthcare community. You can trust us to show your patients the same level of care you show them. We apply our experience, technical expertise, quality devices and comprehensive services to improve patient care and quality of life.
- We stay on top of technological advancements to provide your patients the best possible solutions.
- Our practitioners have over a hundred years of combined experience, ensuring the expertise and consistency needed to obtain optimal outcomes.
- Our Peer Mentors provide support for new amputees like only a fellow amputee can.
- Our Stock and Bill Program, Allograft and Cast Tech services help physicians and hospitals cut cost, increase efficiency, and reduce administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on providing high quality patient care.

Your Patient’s ViaFit Experience

When a physician, hospital or clinic has a new amputee patient we ask they reach out to their local ViaFit Account Manager. Your Account Manager will ensure we send one of our ViaFit Peer Mentors to meet the patient. Too often amputee patients are caught in an “assembly line of care”. A patient may have to visit several doctors during the process and can often feel lost in the system. We have stepped outside of how patient care is traditionally approached in our industry to serve as a partner for our patients through their lifetime. This approach begins with our ViaFit Peer Mentor Program. Even if the patient never receives prosthesis from us, we feel it is invaluable for them to meet with one of our Peer Mentors and become a member of the Amputee Coalition. Our Peer Mentors are also amputees and can offer your patient with a wealth of knowledge and the life experience and advice that only another amputee can share. After meeting with one of our Peer Mentors, one of our highly qualified Prosthetists will meet with your patient. For this stage of the process we require a “consult” order in the chart, a prescription from their treating physician or an order for a shrinker or flo-tech device. One of these orders along with a face-sheet can simply be faxed to our office. Most physicians write for “consult, treat, and fit for prosthesis”, a generic prescription for this stage.

Life Long Patient Care

Once we receive a patient’s information they become a ViaFit patient for life. Our ViaFit Patient Care Team acts as a liaison between our patient and all of their medical providers. Our team will remain in contact with our patients for the rest of their lives! Our Patient Care Team members take care of all the details for you and your patient, including obtaining signed prescriptions. They also contact our patients for ongoing clinical care periodically for the rest of their life to ensure our patients are always receiving the care they deserve.

CAD | CAM Technology

Through our CAD|CAM technology, we’re able to provide accurate molds for both preparatory and definitive sockets. Our CAD | CAM technology also cuts down on fabrication time, allowing our patients to receive limbs more quickly. As we scan, the CAD|CAM scanner sends a message to a computer that will calculate the patient’s measurements. After the measurements are calculated they are sent via the computer to our carving machine, located in our state-of-the-art Fabrication Lab. This process can take around 15 minutes, creating a mold identical to the patient’s residual limb.
Each ViaFit clinic has a mobile CAD | CAM scanner, so our Prosthetists can take it with them wherever they go. We offer the latest science available in prosthesis including the two industry leaders of computerized microprocessor knees: the C-Leg (by Ottobock) and the Rheo Knee (by Ossur). We also carry specialized feet, like the Proprio foot and I-walk as well as other high-tech prosthetic components.

Care You Can Trust

Our ViaFit team believes that prosthesis is not a “product” but instead, it is an integral part of each patient’s life. Living as an amputee and wearing prosthesis is a lifetime commitment, and we are committed to ensure our patients receive the best care. Our ViaFit Peer Mentors, ViaFit Patient Liaisons and ViaFit Prosthetists combined with our cutting edge technology offer every patient a superior experience you can trust.

Comprehensive Services & Solutions 

ViaFit Stock & Bill Program is a comprehensive service that allows our customers to reduce the cost of dispensing orthopedic soft goods and durable medical equipment (DME). Stock & Bill along with Allograft and Cast Tech Services provide busy physicians and hospitals affordable solutions they can trust.