Pediatric Orthotics & Prosthetics

Our ViaKids Pediatric Team members are not just highly trained professionals with ample experience in custom orthotics. Most of them are parents too. They know exactly how important your child’s health is to you as a parent, and why want to right doctors fitting your child with a cranial helmet, orthotic braces, and other pediatric custom orthotic solutions. Our team has worked with thousands of our youngest patients in order to successfully treat a variety of conditions that solved with custom orthoticoptions. ViaFit’s Practitioners are specially trained to work with the child, the family and healthcare providers to ensure optimal fit and function. Working with children who need our services, such as a baby helmet ororthotic braces, and products can be challenging. Infants and young children can’t always communicate verbally, so it takes a trained specialist to design, fabricate and fit a comfortable device. The ViaKids Pediatric Team works with each orthotics and prosthetics patient as if they were their own child.

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