Pediatric Prothetics

Children are very special prosthetic patients. We work closely with our ViaKids Pediatric Prosthetic Patients and their families so they receive special attention to the child’s needs during his or her years of physical and emotional growth. Our ViaKids Prosthetic Team Members understand the many questions, fears and confusion that can surround pediatric prosthetics and focus highly specialized and individualized attention to each child’s prosthetic care. We realize that as children our ViaKids patients will depend on their families and our team to help establish goals and take care of their specific needs. We grow with our ViaKids, sharing in their success and development.

The list below contains just a sample of the prostheses we offer our ViaKids patients.

     Upper Extremity Prostheses

  • Myoelectric prostheses activated by user muscles in the residual limb
  • Hybrid prostheses combining conventional and electrical power for simultaneous hand and elbow operation
  • Electrically-powered prostheses using motors to control the hand, elbow and wrist
  • Conventional or body-powered prostheses controlled by upper body movements
  • Passive prostheses for cosmetic restoration

     Lower Extremity Prostheses

  • Systems: sock fit, suction, self-suspending, locking pin, vacuum
  • Knees: single axis, multi-axis, manual locking, hydraulic, pneumatic, polycentric
  • Feet: flexible keel, multi-axis, dynamic, hydraulic, shock absorption, axial rotation, Symes, Chopart running, swimming, skiing, microprocessor
  • Endoskeletal
  • Exoskeletal