Meet Peer Mentors For Prosthetics


Jody lost her leg in an auto accident when she was 23 years old. Before the accident Jody was complacent, working a 9-5 job with a limited social life. Suffering the loss of a limb became the springboard for Jody. As she was forced to call upon her inner strength, Jody’s confidence intensified as she took control of her life. She completed her degree in Early Childhood Education and to become a teacher, and she is now a full time Peer Mentor for ViaFit.


Wendy lost her leg in July of 2001 while riding a motorcycle that was suddenly broadsided by a dump truck. The entire left side of Wendy’s body was crushed. This mother of 2 children went through an emotional roller coaster after her accident. The anguish and emotional reaction Wendy experienced left her nearly suicidal. Through her own experience with ViaFit and the ViaFit Peer Mentor Team, Wendy opened a new chapter in her life. Wendy is now a Peer Mentor.