ViaFit Stock and Bill Program

The ViaFit Stock & Bill Program is a comprehensive service that allows our customers to reduce the cost of dispensing orthopedic soft goods and durable medical equipment (DME). Our solution cuts your cost, increases efficiency, and reduces your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on providing high quality patient care. We manage the care and upkeep of your soft goods and DME; we monitor your inventory, order and restock for you as appropriate, and focus on containing costs and maximizing the quality of the product you provide to your patients.

When you dispense DME in an outpatient setting without our program, the cost of that DME is rarely reimbursed to your facility or practice. In a climate of increased pressure on margins, it is important to manage every line item of your expense. We have more than 20 years of experience providing this solution, and can be trusted to ensure regulatory compliance and provide the highest quality of service in the industry.

The Viafit Stock & Bill practice management solution solves your DME problems and helps you gain these important benefits:

  • Improved patient care and convenience
  • Increased caregiver satisfaction
  • Eliminate overhead – product and administrative
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Freedom of choice – vendor neutral product offering
  • DME inventory that meets your physician and patient needs
  • Compliance peace of mind
  • Incorporates best practices at your organization
  • A dedicated client services team – personal touch and support
  • Access to ViaFit clinicians via our custom O&P care centers
  • Best in class reporting for you to gain control
  • Optional automated inventory solution